The Roman Catholic Parish of
St. Christopher - St. Margaret Mary
Staten Island, New York   10306
Ministries & Groups

Altar Servers
Contact:  Rectory; (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Barbara Regan

Altar Society
Contact:  Rectory; (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Margaret Pisciottano
Saturday after the 9:00am Mass in the Church.
Join in keeping our Church and Sanctuary neat and clean. All are encouraged to help.

Religious Education
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Barbara Regan

Choir Program
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Patty Beniquez

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Barbara Regan
Catholic lay persons who assists in the distribution of Holy Communion,
either during the Mass, or afterwards, such as to housebound persons.
Section [156] prohibits the use of other titles for these lay persons.
The term "Eucharist" does not appear in their title, because it would imply
a broader function, which is reserved for the priest alone. Despite these instruction, a very common error is the use of the
terms "Eucharistic Ministers", or "Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist. These improper titles have appeared on several
book titles, instructional handbooks, and in many articles.

Faith Formation Committee
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612 or
Chairperson:  Jerry LePre
Co-Vice Chairpersons:  Cheryl Ann Lee and Frank Saulle
Recording Secretary:  Barbara Regan
Tresurer:  Lorraine LePre
Sargent-At-Arms:  Jim Welborn
Faith Formation Committee meeting:
-  the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Dongan Hall Meeting Room.
A Faith Formation Council was organized on February 13th, 2012 to help accomplish the following goals:
-  We need to have a home for practicing Catholics to hear, feel and live the spirit of Jesus.
-  We need to extend ourselves to have our non-practicing Catholic family members, friends and
neighbors return to the Word of God.
-  We need to spread the Words of Jesus to our non-Catholic friends and neighbors and warmly
invite them into our family..  

All are invited to join the Council and assist in making these goals a reality.  If you would like to
obtain more information and/or provide comments concerning any of the Faith Formation
objectives and goals please
click here.

Food Pantry
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Mr. Bob Puccio  
1st and 3rd Fridays of the month; 8:00am – 11:00am.
-  The Pantry is located in the Rectory basement.  Enter via rear Parking Lot.

Golden Age Club
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Ms. Terry Brennan
-  Tuesday at 1:00pm in the Dongan Hall Meeting Room
New members are always welcome.

Knights of Columbus
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Jim Welborn
Other Contacts:  Frank Saulle and Jerry LePre
Manresa Columbian Club Inc, Council #2147; 185 Cedar Grove Ave
Henry Stolzenthaler, Council #1675; 100 Kreischer Street
Council #1662; 22 Hillside Terrace

Lectio Divina (Divine Reading)
A Lectio Divina Group has been formed at St. Margaret Mary.  Lectio Divina , a Latin term, means “divine reading” and  
describes a way of reading the The Scriptures whereby we gradually let go of our agenda and open ourselves to what God
wants to say to us.
There are four stages in this way of praying, namely:  
-  Lectio (Reading) where we read the Word of God slowly and reflectively so that it sinks into us.  
-  Meditatio (Reflection) where we think about the text (passage from Scripture) and meditate upon it so that we take
from it what God wants to give us
-  Oration (Prayer/Response) where we leave our thinking aside and simply let our hearts speak to God.
-  Contemplatio (Rest) where we let go not only of our own ideas, plans and meditations but also of our holy words
and thoughts.
We simply rest in the Word of God. As we listen, we are gradually transformed from within. This transformation will have a
profound effect on the way we actually live and the way we live is the test of the authenticity of our prayer. We must take
what we read in the Word of God into our daily lives  

The movement of this prayer is towards silence. This kind of prayer has been a fruitful source of growing in relationship
with Christ.  Are you interested?  Please call the Rectory for meeting times.

For additional information concerning the
Lectio Divina Prayer Foundation, click here..

Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Barbara Regan

Legion of Mary
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Barbara Regan
Pray the Rosary:
-  Monday through Saturday at 8:30am and
-  Sunday at 11:30am in the Church - as of July, 2015 temporarily suspended.
Members of the parish have established a Legion of Mary praesidium. The Legion sees as its priority the spiritual and
social welfare of each individual. The members participate in the life of the parish through visitation of families, the sick,
both in their homes and in hospitals and through collaboration in every apostolic and missionary undertaking sponsored
by the parish.
Click here for more information

Parish Council
1.    Father Joseph McLafferty – Temporary Administrator
2.    Staci Memmesheimer, Parish Trustees - President
3.    Bob Dennis, representing the Parish at large
4.    Sister Barbara Heclo, representing the Parish Ministers - Secretary
5.    Joseph Funk, representing the Finance Committee
6.    Deacon Patrick Graham, representing the Parish at large
7.    Cheryl Ann Lee, representing Parish Parents
8.    Jerry LePre, representing the Faith Formation Committee
9.    Noreen Meagher, representing Religious Catechists
10.  Margaret Pisciottano, representing the Parish Societies
11.  Barbara Regan, representing Religious Education Program
12.  Rosa Romero, representing the Parish at large
13.  Frank Sadjak, Parish Trustees
14.  Frank Saulle, representing the Youth Group
For more information and to meet your Parish Council, visit our
Parish Council page.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Program
Contact:  Rectory (718) 351-2612
Coordinator:  Barbara Regan
Assistant:       Jerry LePre

Scripture Study
Contact::  Rectory; (718) 351-2612
-  Jerry LePre;
Mondays  at 7:00pm in the Dongan Hall Meeting Room and
-  Sister Barbara Heclo; Tuesdays after the 9:00am Mass in the Rectory.  In recess for the summer.

Both of our Scripture Study Groups are always open for new members.  We read the appropriate reading from the missalette,
then read a small commentary on the reading and discuss a question.  If you want to offer an comment or not it is up to you.  
It is done very informally.

Hope to see you there!

Contact::  Rectory; (718) 351-2612
Coordinator: Pete Memmesheimer

12 Step Program
-  Staten Island Narcotics Anonymous Meeting locations and times
-  Find an Narcotics Anonymous Meeting
-  Recovery Literature in English
-  Recovery Literature, other languages;

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