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Archdiocese of New York - Safe Environment Program
Anyone who needs to report an alleged incident of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest, deacon, religious or lay person serving in the
Archdiocese of New York is asked to contact:
-  Sr. Eileen Clifford, O.P. at 212-371-1000 ext 2949 or
-  Deacon George J. Coppola at 917-861-1762.
Both may also be reached via email at Information can also be found on the Archdiocesan website,  In keeping with the Archdiocesan policy regarding sexual abuse of minors, this information is provided to
ensure that our children remain safe and secure.
Information can also be found on the Archdiocesan website,  This information is provided to ensure that our
children remain safe and secure.

training is mandatory for any adult who volunteers or works with children and who
has not yet attended one. Any other adults who are interested in learning more about helping to keep our children safe are also welcome.
To register to on-line VIRTUS classes click:  Follow the link to
"Virtus - Protecting God's Children"; and click on the <Register> button.  Please read and follow the instruction.  To register by phone,
call: 212-371-1011, ext. 2814.

For more information, visit the
Archdiocese of New York -  Safe Environment Program.
Mass Transit Authority (MTA):
Bus Schedules
-  Staten Island Railway (SIR)
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560 Lincoln Avenue
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A Look Back
Walk Now for Autism Speaks - October 28, 2012
Walk Now for Autism Speaks was a fun-filled, family friendly event on Sunday October 28, 2012. It was the inaugural Walk Now for Autism
on Staten Island at Midland Beach.  These "Walk" events are the single most powerful force to fund vital Autism research.

Sister Amelia's "Thank You" Celebration;
Mass of Thanksgiving and Potluck Luck Dinner Party.
As you are aware, Sister Amelia Cueva, CSJ, has been appointed Superior of St. John Villa Convent.  Sister's five years of dedicated service to
our children and to the parish as a whole will always be remembered.  We will never forget her energy, enthusiasm, and love for the children and
the people of this parish.  As a reassuring note, Sister Amelia has promised to participate in our parish life in any way her schedule will allow her.
Sister Amelia will be very much missed here in St. Margaret Mary’s.

To truly thank Sister, we held a "Thank You" Celebration for her on Saturday, October 27th.  The 5:00pm Mass was a "Mass of Thanksgiving"
in Sister Amelia's honor.  Following the Mass, we held a Potluck Dinner party from 6:00pm to 10:00pm in the OAC.

Closing of Our 75th Anniversary and
the Celebration of St. Margaret Mary’s Feast Day.
October 14th, 2012 Sunday’s Mass and procession in honor our Patroness, Saint. Margaret Mary Alacoque, was a most fitting expression of
affection and love by our parishioners for our Patroness on her feast.  I am very pleased and grateful that all those who attended the 10:00am
Mass participated in the procession from the church to the OAC and then joined the rest of the parish in the get-together over coffee and cake.
The framed picture of St. Margaret Mary mounted on a blue-painted platform was a wonderful work by our custodian Todd Desiena.
Thanks to Jerry LePre for coordinating the event!
Fr. Diaz

Take a look at event's photo album.

Parish Registration Drive; October 6th – 28th, 2012
When we reviewed our Survey of last March 24th, it was discovered that our Parish Register, which contains the names and addresses of our
parishioners, was outdated.  Many of the households on the current Register are no longer active and many of our active parishioners aren’t

To insure we have an updated Register, we are conducting a Registration Drive during the month of October.  All parishioners are requested to
register and for those that had previously registered, to re-register.  Registration is important to both St. Margaret Mary's and the individual.
A complete and accurate Register allows St. Margaret Mary's s to develop programs, services and events that will better serve you, our
parishioners.  Did you know that you need to be registered to have a child baptized, or have a First Communion, Confirmation or Wedding?  
Also, if your asked to be a sponsor, you need a letter from your registered parish.  Registration Forms will be available at every Mass during the
month of October, online (click here to complete and submit the
Registration Form online) and in a mailing your will receive shortly.  

The Form is easy to complete and takes only 1-2 minutes.  All information will be held in confidence and will not to distribute to outside
organizations nor individuals.  Completed Forms can be deposited in the Registration Box in the rear of the Church, handed to an usher or
delivered to the Rectory.

We hope and pray everyone will participate.  Thank you and God bless you.

Blessing of Our Lady’s Garden - August 15th
On August 15th, Feast of the Assumption, Our Lady’s Garden dominated by the beautifully refurbished statue of the Blessed Mother, will be
blessed after the 9:00 am Mass.  Thanks to Todd Desiena for doing such a wonderful job refurbishing the statues and building the bases.  
We are grateful to those who have donated flower pots for the garden.  By the way, we are still accepting more flower pots!  

“Fortnight for Freedom” Holy Hour; July 3rd, 2012
In solidarity with the whole Archdiocese of New York highlighting the importance of speaking up for Religious Freedom in the wake of the
HHS Mandate, a Holy Hour with Benediction was held on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 at 7:30pm.

The Initial Advisory Parish Council - June 24th, 2012
The newly formed Parish Council held its first meeting of the initial members on Sunday, June 24th, 2012.  The initial Parish Council members
Father Erno Diaz – Administrator, Robert Dennis, ex officio as Parish Manager - President, Staci Memmesheimer, representing the Parish
Trustees - Vice President, Sister Barbara Heclo, representing the Parish Ministers - Secretary, Joseph Funk, representing the Finance Committee,
Deacon Patrick Graham – representing the Parish at large, Cheryl Lee, representing the Parish Parents, Jerry LePre, representing the
Faith Formation Committee, Noreen Meagher, representing CCD Catechists, Margaret Pisciottano, representing the Parish Societies,
ER Reems, representing Sports/CYO and Frank Saulle, representing the Youth Group.
For more information and to meet your Parish Council, visit our
Parish Council page.

When a Child Grieves Program - June 23rd, 2012
The Bereavement Program of the Archdiocese of New York is sponsoring a talk for those interested in helping children and teens cope with
the loss of a loved one.  This will take place on Saturday, June 23rd, at 10am - 12:30 noon at St. Joseph-St. Thomas Church, Amboy Rd., S.I.
It will be presented by Carolyn Oglio, M.A., Ph.D. an adjunct professor at Wagner College.

Religious Education Program Recognition - June 10th, 2012
Students, parents and catechists were recognized on Sunday, June 10th at the 10:00am Mass, for their extraordinary efforts this year.
Additionally, the candidates for Confirmation partook in a Commitment Ceremony. The candidates, in the presence of their parents and
parish community, promised to accept personal responsibility in striving to follow Jesus Christ. This is an important step in the children’s life –
the gift of Faith and the opportunity to grow in friendship with Jesus Christ.

Father Diaz's Book Launch - June 10th, 2012
St. Margaret Mary's was honored to host Father Diaz's “A Filipino Priest’s New York Diaries” book launch on June 10th, 2012 at the Olympia
Activity Center (OAC).  The book tells a story of Fr. Diaz's life as a priest from the Philippines doing pastoral work in parishes in New York
and New Jersey and savoring the various pastoral and physical landscapes of New York – spanning twenty something years.  It was published
by the Publishing House of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, where Father finished Theology and Philosophy.
If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, please contact the Rectory (718-351-2612).  
Father Diaz is contributing the monies from the book sales to charity.

St. Margaret Mary's Family Picnic - June 10th, 2012
Once again, as a result of the Faith Formation Survey, a Parish Family Picnic was held on Sunday,
June 10th at 1:00pm on the grounds of Presentation Hall/OAC.  There was tug-a-war, water balloon
tossing, and sack races.  Lots of laughs were shared by all as the adults had there own sack race.  
There was food, beverages and a special "Congratulation" cake for Sister Amelia.

Veterans Memorial Mass and Ceremony; May 27th, 2012
St. Margaret Mary’s Memorial Day Mass took place at the 12:00 noon Mass on Sunday, May 27th, 2012.
There was a procession, lead by the American Legion, to the monument at Midland Ave. and Capodanno Blvd. following Mass.
We owe so much to our Veterans and we can never forget them and what they have sacrificed for all of us.
Through the grace of God many all come home safely.  God bless them and the United States of America.
To view the procession and ceremony, click here.

Chinese Auction; May 19th, 2012
A big thank you to Frank Saulle and the Auction Committee:
-  Debbie Loughran                -  Shannon Lee
-  Deneen Adams                   -  Carmela Saulle
-  Catalina DeFlorio               -  Bridget Welborn
-  Laura Lamont                     -  Erin Welborn
-  Cheryl Lee                         -  Kristen Welborn
and all the other many volunteers for coordinating the highly successful Chinese Auction last Saturday.  
Shrieks of joy filled the OAC whenever the names of the winners were called! There were tables after tables
of outstanding prizes.  Father Diaz's guest, Msgr. Tomichek, who preached for the Mission Appeal Collection
that weekend, was quite impressed by the event.  Tina Gallagher was the winner of the 8days/7nights Aruba raffle.
Of course, the biggest winner was St. Margaret Mary’s.  THANKS TO ALL!!!!
Click here to view the fun.
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